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ASEAN Trainee Scholarships and Top ASEAN Poster Awards for AAR 15-17 August 2019

We believe that for the upcoming 19th Congress of the ASEAN Association of Radiology to be successful, strong participation and support from all ASEAN member countries will be essential.

To encourage participation of ASEAN trainees and specialists, our committee is pleased to announce the following:

1. ASEAN Trainee Scholarships

We will be awarding 10 scholarships for free registration to 10 ASEAN trainees. To qualify for this scholarship, trainees must first submit an abstract to the meeting, to be reviewed and accepted by the Abstract Review Committee. They should email [email protected] to apply for the scholarship, with the subject “ASEAN trainee scholarship”.  Our committee will review the applications and let the successful trainees know at a later date.

2. Top ASEAN Poster Awards

We will be awarding cash awards to the top ASEAN posters during the congress.  Please encourage your members to send in their abstracts!

We hope that you will be able to disseminate this information to your trainees and specialists and encourage them to register for the congress. For more information and to register for the congress please visit